News Flash: IACCM Poll result, Canada is the country that is the “easiest to do business with”

I just received an e-mail from IACCM Founder and CEO Tim Cummins indicating that the results from the association’s poll of IACCM international negotiators indicated that Canada has emerged as the country “easiest to do business with.”

Comparing the performance of 56 major trading nations using 9 criteria focusing on areas including ethics, language, contract enforcement, local laws and regulations, this is indeed a very interesting development and one upon which we will be following-up with tremendous interest.

In the meantime, joining me once again for a brief interview on Wednesday, August 4th at 3:00 PM EST to talk about the poll, the results at what it means on the global stage is IACCM CEO Tim Cummins.

Use the following link to access both the live and on-demand broadcast “News Flash: IACCM Poll result, Canada is the country that is easiest to do business with.”

Tim McCarthy, Vice Chair IACCM - North American Region

About IACCM:

The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) is a non-profit foundation recognized as the international authority on the role of contracting and Commitment Management in the global networked economy.

A leader in research and innovative learning techniques, IACCM works with corporations, public and academic bodies to provide thought-leadership and understanding of “best practice” contracting and relationship standards.

IACCM defines organizational models and skills to ensure integrity, trust and the collaborative trading relationships that are necessary to support the continued development of the global economy. Its membership is drawn from more than 1,600 corporations and public sector organizations in over 90 countries and represents a community of contract and commercial managers, attorneys and supply management executives and professionals.

Use the following link to access the IACCM Web Site.

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