What Is Relationship Governance? (WELCOME)

Back in 1993, when I pioneered what was to become the Strategic Relationship based Model (SRbM®), it was a vision focused on providing a viable alternative to the adversarial nature of contract-oriented governance.  It was and is today, a new framework for structuring and managing business relationships; one based on strategic fit, flexibility, continuous alignment and sustained mutual benefit.

While these tenets of success are in and of themselves nothing new, the SRbM® relational governance model is structured around the enduring core values that are exemplified by integrity of intent and mutual or shared partner benefit.

So what is the intention of this blog?

The intention is to provide you with the basic framework to begin the process of structuring or restructuring the static elements that have traditionally defined outsourcing contracts.

But like the soon to be released book “Relationship First – The New Relationship Paradigm in Contract Management,” this blog is much more than a simple primer that highlights specific tasks.

By sharing my personal experiences through real life situations involving actual clients, it is my intention to open up in a very real and meaningful way the possibilities of this new and emerging relational outsourcing paradigm.

Or to put it another way, to enable you to personally experience my journey so that the steps that you will inevitably need to take to implement the SRbM® model will have significance beyond the pages of this book.  In essence, empowering you to relate to what is written on a level that is both personal and relevant to your present situation and circumstances.

I look forward to your comments and questions.

Andy Akrouche


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